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Banned deucer.
Very interesting how:
-The usage of a pokemon rises during its suspect :o
Same thing happened with KyuB, making #1 in a very short amount of time during its suspect, and rachi had high usage during its suspect as well. More people are using Dnite just because they think it’s broken by it being suspected.
-Consequently, the usage of its counters also increases because people expect to see more of Dnite during a Dnite suspect. Again, :o
-This also shows that there are indeed certified checks to Dnite, and people are noticing and using them. The metagame adapts to the mons that are in it. There would be nowhere near as many bulky waters and rocks if Charizard was removed from the meta, but is charizard broken?
lol a week and a half of data doesn't skew the data that much. look at last month's data.
or maybe the month before.
i still see hard checks like gyarados, gardevoir, victini being shoved onto way more teams than they need to be simply because of how centralizing dnite is. also fun fact u can run trash like scarf inner focus iron tail dnite to beat shit like garde or z-surf to beat victini just like u can run band/electrium/specs/groundium kyub to beat random shit that beat kyub oo.

anyways for my opinion in a post kyub meta dnite is way too centralizing and too versatile just like another somewhat familiar dragon type bogeyman
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